Yaffe Logo

Integrity and Character

We can't begin to describe our commitment to our industrial customer base without communicating our belief that our word is our bond. This promise has allowed us to develop and maintain personal relationships with our industrial customers that far exceed the industry norm.

Checks and Balances

We provide certified scale weights to let our customers know that they are getting paid for every recyclable pound we pick up. We also invite any of our customers to visit our facilities to audit our operational procedures at any time.

New Steel

We provide our customers far more than unmatched recycling services. Select locations within our group of companies sell new and secondary steel products. Our new steel locations specialize in fast delivery regardless of the quantity, hence the name of two of our new steel subsidiaries, "QuikService Steel".

Transportation Service

From our massive fleet of trailers, roll-off and lugger boxes, to in-house self-dumping hoppers, we can find the equipment to meet your needs. Give us a call and we can send a customer service representative to your facility to help facilitate the selection and placement of equipment for your company.

Processing Capabilities

If your scrap material needs to be sheared, baled, chopped, stripped, smelted or shredded, we have the state-of-the-art processing equipment to get it done. We also have the means to do off-site clean-ups by providing mobile shears and car crushing that can travel to a designated site.

Scrap Consultations

We have local & national representatives that can advise you on the most efficient & productive methods to collect & recycle your scrap metals. Give us a call and we can send a representative to assess your needs!